• Late arrivals will be admitted into class as soon as it’s convenient for the instructor. 
  • No-shows forfeit their live class but will still have access to the Zoom recording.
  • Personal recording of classes is NOT allowed.
    You will be given access to Zoom links for review and practice.
    Those links will be active for 14 days after session ends. **
  • Sharing your links and videos is NOT permitted.
    These are for your private use only. **
  • Purchase consciously. There are NO refunds and classes are NOT transferrable. Make-up classes will be offered at earliest opportunity in the case of classes canceled by instructor.
  • Year passes are available (email Nayna for more information) and expire one year after date of purchase (non-deferrable). Year-pass holders must reserve their spots in preferred classes per session to ensure space in class is held for them. 
  • Live classes require a minimum enrollment of 3 students by 3pm (EST) on the first day of class for the class to occur. 

         ** Violation of these policies could result in legal action against you**







participation tips:

  • You will want to have your dance space ready prior to logging in to Zoom.
  • Having a space where your entire body can be seen will allow Nayna to give you feedback.
  • To ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable, plan to dance with your camera on. 
  • Leave your mic muted when entering Zoom and during class to reduce excess noise and music feedback. Nayna will let you know when it’s a good time for questions. 
  • Asking questions is perfectly fine and even encouraged! 
  • Most Importantly…. Breathe. There is no judgment here. This is not a competition. Relax and enjoy all that this beautiful art form has to offer.